The Team

Cornell Wright

Managing Consultant

“When an organization plans well, it is then up to the teams involved in the initiative to execute to the best of their ability.”

Strategist, Talent Optimization Expert, Training Specialist and Author - Cornell, as Managing Partner of The Parker Wright Group, has consistently had a keen focus on the impact of teams. His experiences and writings have identified that teams with proper planning and structure can best address key business opportunity areas such as -- Organizational Planning, Customer Service/Experience, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Talent Optimization.

Cornell writes a business column for the New Haven Register titled, Plan Well and Execute and is the author of 31 Coffee Breaks to a Better Organization.

John J. Carroll

Director of Strategy Canyon Leaping Guide & XLeap Trainer

Canyon Leaping Collaboration – Vastly Improve the Work of Your Teams. Powered by XLeap.

This is different. Your teams need different. Teams getting work done more rapidly, accurately, and successfully. A Canyon Leap from what your teams have been doing.”

Aging Strategist, Facilitator & Author, John brings to PWG his decades of experience and expertise in strategic planning and leading complex project teams across industries, sectors and continents.

Through these efforts, John developed expertise in the use of technologies to engage diverse teams, face-to-face and virtually, and drive them to decisions that are implemented successfully. Along the way, John developed unique insights into the aging of our society and successful aging.

As an adjunct to his consulting role, John delivers an effective lunch or dinner talk, face-to-face or virtually on “Aging and Your Mind” that ignites conversations we should all be having, yet aren’t, about ourselves, our families, our communities and our society.

John is the author of Canyon Leaping Collaboration.

To get in touch with John, schedule an XLeap demonstration or your first session:

Karen Whitney

Director of Research

No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it" - H.E. Luccock

Karen Whitney began her career at the Free Library of Philadelphia in the Catalog Department. In this position, she provided internal and external customer service; creating and maintaining library records in print and electronic format, answering queries from library staff and providing reference and research support to the public.

As a supervisor, she managed Processing Division staff and handled payroll, performance reviews, work assignments, etc.

Ms. Whitney has maintained an active career as a free lance musician in the Philadelphia area.  She has performed in many of the premier venues in the Philadelphia area and abroad as a leader and team member of various musical collaborations.

Blake A. McMorris

Director of Diversity and Team Optimization

“Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is an integral part of every company’s business strategy.”

Diversity & Inclusion Facilitator and Practitioner - Blake comes to PWG with over 35 years of experience in P&C Insurance. Over the past 10 years, he worked as a DE&I facilitator and consultant focused on dimensions of diversity, unconscious bias, and micro-messaging. He has helped numerous executive and managerial teams understand that today’s diversity initiatives are a business imperative and not just the “right thing to do”.

He has led numerous D&I projects designed to promote team engagement, improve organizational performance, and enhance community involvement.

Plan Well and Execute

Plan Well and Execute

Plan Well and Execute

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