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Core Services

Canyon Leaping

Canyon Leaping is an approach to strategic planning developed by John Carroll. This unique approach to strategic planning takes the perspective of planning from the "other side of the planning canyon". In other words, view the plan from the successful side of the canyon and plan the pathway that you took to reach the other side. This unique visioning approach combined with the XLEAP tool offers our clients a rapid, inclusive and successful strategic planning process.

Talent Optimization

Talent Optimization

Scenario Planning

Rapid Action Planning

SWOT Analysis

Igniter Summits – Large Teams

Executive Roundtables

Customer Advisory Boards

Expanded Services

Customer Experience/Service Programs & DE&I

For Customer Service and DE&I engagements PWG will work with you to develop a combination of services to develop a bespoke approach that will address your organization's concerns.

• Organizational Assessments
• Surveys Executive Interviews
• Client Interviews
• Bespoke Training Sessions
• Strategy Sessions
• Retreats
• Prescriptive Recommendations
• Curated Readings
• XLeap supported sessions
• Focus Groups

Plan Well and Execute

Plan Well and Execute

Plan Well and Execute

We are ready to work with you in order to address your organization's unique needs.